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2nd Khordad Front must ponder over every aspect of their actions: daily

1/9/01 Tehran, Jan 9, IRNA -- The English-language daily `Iran News' in its editorial on Tuesday advised those within the 2nd of Khordad Front, who want to take revenge against their own political allies, to contemplate over every aspect of their actions before they throw "the baby out along with the bath water."

The paper was referring to the recent designation of five new ministers by President Khatami, for which the Parliament is to assess their qualifications on Sunday.

However, the daily presumed that two out of the five ministers, i.e., Mahmoud Hojjati and Rahman Dadman who have been appointed to take charge over the new Agriculture Jihad and PTT ministries respectively, are likely to be rejected by the members of the 2nd of Khordad Front in the Parliament.

Since some reformist Parliamentarians are "literally powerless to push their own bills through, in frustration, they exercise their power in any other way they can," especially by "blocking the President's plans", it noted.

However, the real reason behind this is to protest against the "monopoly power his brother's faction, the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) has within the 2nd of Khordad Front," it believed.

Should this prove to be true, the daily warned that it will go against the "interests of the electorate and the country as well".

Considering the fast approaching Presidential elections, when a new Cabinet will be formed, it is only too prudent "to give all of the newly appointed ministers the benefit of doubt to enable them to prove themselves," it said.

"If the People's Representatives are dissatisfied with their performance, they can easily vote them out of office after the elections," it suggested.

Presuming the outcome of such an attitude on the part of the members of the 2nd Khordad Front, the daily concluded by advising them "not to halt the affairs of the country, just to take political revenge."

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